Winter Snowflake

Even in places like San Antonio, the polar vortex has taken its toll. Not only were many people negatively affected by this bitter winter storm, but many canines were as well. For one canine family, the winter storm provided an opportunity for a new life.

During one of the days in the storm, a good samaritan Paula, passed by a lone box on the side of the road. She turned around to inspect what was in this curious box’s contents. Much to her surprise, a Maltese, Miniature Poodle mix along with her four tiny puppies were left to fend for themselves inside the box.  Sadly before being found by Paula, the mom had already passed away from unknown causes and one of her puppies had also passed likely from the freezing temperatures.  The three puppies that were alive were taken to the San Antonio Humane Society in hopes of survival.  When they arrived, they were visibly suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia.  They also had a very foul smell and were covered in fleas and dirt.  Unfortunately, one of the puppies fought hard but didn’t survive the first night with us.

Winter and Snowflake, the two gorgeous miracle puppies who did survive, were put into a foster home with a great family  who would help them gain weight and complete their antibiotics necessary for their condition.  For two months, these puppies were shown lots of love and affection. By the time they came back to the SAHS for adoption at 3½ months of age, they were sweet, gentle, and well on their way to being fully potty trained.  On Monday, February 3rd, Winter and Snowflake were adopted together by a family who immediately fell in love with them.  They are now known as Dottie and Kit and are not only doing well, but they are quite spoiled!

Thank you to San Antonio Humane Society for sharing this amazing story with us! We wish Dottie and Kit a very happy and long life with their amazing new family! 



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