Photographer Helps Dogs Get Adopted

Many times when dogs enter shelters, the shelter staff immediately takes a picture of them, whether it is flattering or not. And many shelters try to do this quickly in order for the animal to be published on the website quickly. Often times, this is the first impression for a possible adoption. Photographer Shannon Johnstone and her husband saw a need to help these shelter dogs in Wake County Animal Shelter outside Raleigh, NC and they put their photography skills to good use.

Every week they take at risk dogs, or dogs that have been in the shelter the longest, and take pictures of them out at a park. The dogs look happy, proud, playful and their true spirits really come out. The dogs also LOVE being able to jump and play, as they have been stuck inside their small areas for so long. Thanks to Shannon’s work, over 67 dogs have been adopted into happy homes.

Check out Shannon’s website for her latest pictures of the shelter dogs.

Original Story from Yahoo News by Ellen’s Good News

Photos by Shannon Johnstone Photography