Boots, the Kitten Whisperer

Boots is a 12 year old chow/golden retriever mix who survived Hurricane Katrina and came to live at the Arizona Humane Society afterwards. His special gift means he’s going to have a long-term stay there too. You see, Boots has a way with kittens, and that makes his job very important. He’s gentle natured, and gets weekly appointments to socialize with the young kittens at the shelter. This early and positive exposure with dogs can make a huge difference in the lives of these kittens. A cat’s ability to get along with other animals is key to their adoptability, and also prevents these kittens from being returned to the shelter later in life. It’s amazing what a little love can do! See more photos of Boots and his kittens on the Arizona Humane Society’s facebook page.

boots-the-kitten-nanny-arizona-humane-society-3  boots-the-kitten-nanny-arizona-humane-society-8

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