Team Dog

What is on your reading list this year? This is one book that we can’t wait to pre-order, and of course, it’s about pets! The book TEAM DOG, by Mike Ritland delves deep into the science of gaining a dogs trust, and teaches PetParents how to break tasks down into small steps for their dogs so they can achieve great things. Mike has over fifteen years of experience in dog training for some of the most elite organizations, yet his writing is direct and easy to follow. TEAM DOG is packed full of knowledge for PetParents to easily digest and apply to their lives with their own pets.


The book outlines a unique approach to training, with examples from Ritland’s work with dogs in the military. This training guide even has direct tips straight out of the Navy SEAL guidebook that can be applied to pets. This book can help pet parents:  choose an ideal canine for their household, establish themselves as the leader of the team, and to give their dogs the tools they need to become the ultimate best friend. This book is intended to give pet parents everywhere the authority on training their dogs the Navy SEAL way!


After 12 years as an active Navy SEAL, Ritland left active duty to train dogs for the SEAL teams instead. He has trained dogs for several elite organizations including:  the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, TSA, & US Customs. TEAM DOG isn’t Ritland’s first book either-  he’s also authored a New York Times best seller Trident K9 Warriors.

Are you looking for a new view on working with your dogs? This book is the perfect tool to open up a whole new level of communication between you and your pup!

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