Finding Fido Book

Would you know what to do if your pet suddenly went missing? Where to begin? What to do first?

Finding Fido is a book that we believe each and every PetParent should not only read, but own. Finding Fido is a PetParent’s guide to preventing the loss of their pets in the first place and also serves as a guide for essential steps to recovering their pets if they ever do get lost. If you’re a first time PetParent or seasoned, there are tips and tricks in here that will be helpful to everybody.


Part One: Preventing a Lost Pet: This part of the book is a guide on what PetParents should do to avoid their pets ever becoming lost in the first place. This part of the book shares tips on prevention, practical steps,  microchipping your pets, having them wear a collar and tags, and the importance of these actions.


Part Two: Finding Your Lost Pet: As seen from the stats below, there is a surprisingly high chance that one or more of your pets will go missing in your lifetime. Being prepared and knowledgeable can mean the difference between being reunited with your pet or not. If our pets were to become lost, it would be absolutely devastating. We may not even be able to think logically in order to act effectively to work towards their return. That’s why this book is great- it’s literally a step by step guide to finding your lost pet. Full of resources for PetParents to utilize, and all at the turn of a page.


According to Finding Fido, statistics about pets:

  • 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime
  • ONLY 22% of missing pets are ever reunited with their Pet Parents
  • Happily, 52% of microchipped pets are returned home
  • A majority of lost dogs are found within 2 miles of their home


As great as this book truly is, one detail to share that completely sweetens the pot. All proceeds from the sale of Finding Fido are donated toward the Beagle Freedom Project, which works to save beagles from laboratory testing facilities across the US and find them loving homes. You may remember we did a highlight post on the Beagle Freedom Project over the summer- if not, check out this video of a group of beagles’ first time touching grass- it’s nothing short of incredible!

If you’re interested in ordering a copy of this book, please do so here so the maximum amount of profits will go to Beagle Freedom Project!


Additional Resources: Microchipping your pet, FetchId Microchip registration service, Finding Rover (Insiders Tip: Sign your dog up NOW!), Blanket ID smart tags.

Credits: Original Review from SheSpeaksBark

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