Wisdom Panel Dog Breed DNA Test

It can be hard not knowing what breeds compose the genetic makeup of your dog. First, many PetParents are simply curious. What breeds came together to make the beautiful companion who rests at our feet? But another part of us knows we could be BETTER PetParents if we knew the breeds of our dogs. We could tailor their feeding regime, medical care, and training all by knowing some of the genetics that power their daily behaviors and decisions.


While we all know your dog can’t talk and tell you about his heritage, his DNA can! Wisdom Panel has created a Dog DNA test kit that you can easily use at home and at an affordable price. To learn more about your dog’s DNA, there are no trips to the vet’s office, and no need to draw blood. You and your pup can let out a sigh of relief!

To DNA Test YOUR Dog:

  1. Simply order the Wisdom Panel kit
  2. Follow the included instructions to swab your dogs cheek OR watch the instructional video
  3. Mail back your sample for analysis
  4. Wait patiently for results to be generated


Your pup’s personalized report will include the following information:

  • The breed ancestry of your dog
  • A breed profile page describing each of the breeds found in your dog
  • A certificate (that you can frame!) showing the ancestry result

Although this product is not a necessity, we think it’s a pretty fun one that could prove to be helpful too.

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