Winter Grooming Tips for Pets

Chilly Winter weather can pose it’s own specific set of challenges to Pet Parents regardless of their location. Many states across the US are blanketed in snow for much of the Winter months, but even those that aren’t often deal with vast amounts of rain and mud. One thing’s for certain, no matter where you and your pets reside, there are grooming and care precautions to take for your pets that will help you all to survive the Winter with your sanity intact!

1. Bath Time- Pet Parents can’t go all winter long without bathing their pups or the doggie odor will simply be out of control come Spring. So we’ve got to get creative, because no puppy should go outside wet in the Winter weather!!  We suggest bathing your dog in the morning, after he’s had breakfast and come inside from a walk. Fully towel dry your pup, and consider using a blow dryer on a medium setting to speed up your pups drying process. Pet Parents to senior dogs should glance over these tips for bathing senior dogs before getting started!  If you’re not one to do it at home, your pups groomer will ensure they’re nice and dry before they head home.

2. Care for that Hair- Regular grooming should continue in the Winter months, but what that means all depends on your dogs breed & coat type. Perhaps a weekly brushing at home is all that’s needed to maintain your pups precious locks. Brushing your pets at home is a great way to keep their coats tangle free, and to bond with them during the process. Maybe your pup has a higher maintenance hair cut that requires monthly trips to the groomer. If so, simply consult with their groomer on what could be best clipping options to keep them warm enough for the winter months.

3. Protect those Paws- How much protection will depend on the types of outdoor adventures you’re doing with your pup in the Winter weather. Perhaps all you need to do is shovel the sidewalks and use pet safe ice melts to keep potty breaks safe and quick. If you’re off walking or adventuring a lot in snow- your pup could probably use a pair of protective booties to keep their paw pads from freezing. Keeping a close eye on the condition of your pups paws all year round is important, but never so much as in the Winter. Special salves and foot creams are available to moisturize and nourish paw pads- we like this one!

4. Trim those Nails 

Chances are your pups paws are making less contact with the pavement over the Winter months than usual. This might mean that their nails suddenly need a little extra TLC to keep from getting too long or sharp. Many Pet Parents think that clipping their own pets nails isn’t something they can do, but it’s actually quite easy once you’ve given it a try. Here’s a simple guide to clipping your dog or cats nails.

5. Consider a Coat 

Certainly you’ll never see a Siberian Husky wearing a pet jacket, but for many other dog breeds they do serve a great purpose. Even with the most impeccable grooming routines, the constant harsh weather, and snow/rain/sleet certainly have an effect on your dogs coat and skin just as much as they do on your skin and hair. Covering up with a coat can help your pet stay warm in chilly temps while also providing them protection from the elements. Avoid getting tangled dirty hair while on your next potty break by bundling your pup up in a jacket of their own.

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