The Benefits of Wheatgrass for Pets

If you’ve lived with pets for any bit of time, you’re probably well aware that both dogs and cats will take a bite of grass every now and again. Our pets are able to obtain some nutrients and minerals from grasses, not to mention that the chlorophyll is good for freshening breath and benefits their intestines.

Planting a special container of wheat grass specifically for your pets is a good way to be sure they don’t accidentally ingest pesticides or toxins from grass in your yard, or out and about during a walk.  Many people add fertilizers and other chemicals to their lawns, clearly making this an unsuitable choice for your dogs next afternoon snack.

Benefits of offering wheatgrass to your pets:

  • Nutritionally complete food
  • Gives energy & stamina
  • Rejuvenates blood
  • Helps with weight loss-detox the body 
  • DNA repair
  • Blood cleansing and building abilities of chlorophyll
  • Builds blood and stimulates circulation
  • Neutralizes body odor 

Feed wheatgrass to your pets in these ways:

  • Leave the tray out for your pets to take a nibble as needed
  • Snip the wheatgrass occasionally and sprinkle this on your pets food
  • Juice the wheatgrass and add wheatgrass juice to your pets water bowl

Cats and Dogs are actually able to digest the wheatgrass better than we humans can, which is why most often you’ll see people drinking those wheatgrass shots or juicing it instead. For your pets though? Simply pick up a tray at the grocery store (produce section), farmers market, or plant your own!

Wheat grasses prefer full sun, and plenty of water. We recommend getting two containers- and keeping one inside, and one outside- just continually rotating them to keep them happy and growing for your pet. Wheatgrass can help detoxify your pets blood, remove body odor, and provide them with nutrients for more energy.

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