Welcoming your New Puppy Home

If you’re planing to adopt a puppy this year, then we’re willing to bet that you have already started the researching and planning processes. Adopting a pet is a huge commitment, and one that we know you amazing PetParents don’t take lightly. Aside from researching a breed that will fit in with your family and lifestyle, you’ll also need to find a few important services like: a veterinarian, a groomer (depending on your pups breed), an obedience class, and possibly even a doggie daycare facility or dog walker.  Here are five tips for welcoming your new puppy home that can help make it a smooth transition for all involved.

1. Pre-Purchase The Essentials

The day you bring home your puppy will be hectic enough without having to factor in a trip to the pet store too. Instead, new Pet Parents should have purchased all of the puppy essentials and have them set up and ready in the home before the new puppy ever makes it home. Because your puppy most likely hasn’t completed their full set of vaccines yet, it’s best to keep them out of frequently trafficked areas like pet stores for a little while anyways.

2. Set up a ‘Puppy Zone’

Keep in mind that while this is an extremely exciting day in YOUR life, it’s probably a pretty scary day to your puppy. He has just left the comfort of the only place he’s ever known, and is also probably struggling with the separation from his mother and siblings too. Instead of bringing your new puppy home and immediately letting him explore the house we suggest setting up a smaller puppy zone where you new best friend will spend the first few days adjusting to all the new sights, sounds, and smells that are now a part of his life. The puppy zone can be a puppy pen, or even just a gate that corrals your puppy into a smaller space. This method is a great way to keep your puppy safely corralled and out of trouble while you finish puppy proofing the house and also serves to begin the housebreaking process.

3. Housebreaking Happenings

Introducing your puppy to the yard will need to be another priority task. Let them sniff around and explore and be sure to watch carefully and praise them heavily for going potty. Keep in mind that your puppy will need to be let outside frequently for potty breaks and that each and every meal should be immediately followed up with a trip outdoors to avoid an accident. If you plan to crate train your puppy, this will only make the housebreaking process that much easier. If you’re having trouble housebreaking your puppy, see our helpful tips.

4. A Friend to Snuggle With 

An array of toys to play with will be of the utmost importance to your new puppy. Ensuring that your puppy has a variety of toys to keep him entertained (and chewing on appropriate things) is a great start in his training. Pet manufacturers have recently invented several types of puppy toys that give off heat and have a heartbeat sound- these types of comforts can be especially appreciated by a puppy in their first few days in a new home. Some puppies form such strong attachments to their puppy-hood toys that they carry them around and snuggle with them even as adult dogs!

5. Feed the Right Food

Puppies have delicate stomachs, so switching up their food on the same day they come home with you is major mishap. Before you pick up your new puppy, make a few calls around to determine what type of food your puppy is used to eating. Pick up a small bag of that food to have at home to feed your puppy at least for those first few meals. Even if this isn’t the type/brand of food you intend to keep your puppy on, it’s important that you transition them gently from one food to the other under the guidance of your vet to avoid terrible tummy woes.

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