Pet Toothbrushes

As an awesome PetParent, you already know the importance of brushing your pet’s teeth. We’re learning more and more about companion animals each year, and it’s now known that our pets should be receiving at minimum a twice weekly tooth brushing, but daily is actually the recommendation. Having the right tools to tackle your pups teeth is half the battle and we’ve got a few recommendations for you on the best types of pet toothbrushes.

The size and type of brush that your pet will need is mostly determined by two factors: their size and their temperament. If your pet has a tendency towards nervousness  or biting for instance, don’t choose the finger brush and risk getting bitten!

Types of pet toothbrushes:

  • Three sided toothbrush
  • Rubber bristled toothbrush
  • Finger brushes
  • Large and small sized brushes

Large breed dogs typically do best with a 3 sided toothbrush or a rubber bristled brush. Small dogs might do best with a finger brush or a small breeds toothbrush specifically designed for their tiny mouths. Once you’ve got the perfect toothbrush picked out, there’s still the important factor of picking out a toothpaste for your pups. There are so many types of pet toothpaste out there too, with lots of flavors to choose from: chicken, beef, and vanilla are just a few options. In our next post we’ll be covering some pet dental products that can be used in combination with regular tooth brushing to keep a healthy and odor-free mouth.

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