Winter Pet Accessories

As many PetParents know, half the fun and enjoyment that we get out of the changing of seasons are the accompanying changes that we make to our clothing and accessories to go along with those inevitable changes in the weather. Here at PetParent, we think this is probably something that our pets enjoy as well! Today we’re featuring some of the Winter’s best pet accessories that we’ve spotted this year, things that will work for most breeds across the board, and will simply vary based on your frequency of adventuring outdoors.

Top Winter Pet Accessories:

  1. Winter Pet Jacket- It’s true that there are many types of pet jacket offerings on the market- many of them specialized to specific parts of the country, or activities. Some winter pet jackets are water resistant on the exterior and fleece on the interior- great for Winter walks and trips to the dog park with your pup!
  2. Protective Booties- Just as there are many styles of pet jackets on the market, same goes for pet booties. Some are specifically for hiking or climbing, while other pet booties are meant to protect paws from the winter chill. Determine your pups exact needs before seeking out a bootie option that will work.
  3. A Cozy Pet Blanket- There’s nothing like curling up underneath a warm blanket on a chilly winter evening- this is surely a sentiment that both you and your pup share. Purchase your pet a dedicated blanket of their own that can be used at home, in the car, and on the go- providing a constant ‘smell of home’ during your travels together!
  4. A Warm Bed- After a long day of playing in the snow, everyone will be ready to crash into a warm and cozy bed.  We love these, with their non slip bottom and adorable patterns they’re sure to please.
  5. A Snuggly Toy- As long as your pup isn’t a ‘shredder’ these soft snuggly toys can be the perfect companion for your pets to spend a winter evening cozied up with!


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