Top 10 Pet Costumes for Halloween 2014

We’re constantly surprised at how quickly this year seems to be flying by! It’s nearly Halloween 2014 already!! We’d be remiss not to mention our love of pet costumes, and Halloween is the perfect season for it! Do you dress up your pets for the spooky occasion? No matter if you’re a Pet Parent who prefers to DIY your pets costume, or stop by the store to pick one up-we’ve got some great ideas and inspiration for you!


Here are our Top 10 Favorite Pet Costumes for Halloween 2014!

 1. Where’s Waldo (get yours here)


Where’s Waldo is an absolute classic, and there’s no doubt your pet would be instantly recognized wherever they go! This is a costume that you can easily purchase ready to go, or pull together yourself to get your pet ready in time for Halloween.

2. Chia Pet (DIY Costume)


We’d suggest tackling this costume if you’re a Pet Parent to a small dog only, but seriously, what a cute costume! So much nostalgia surrounds chia pets in general, that this costume is sure to be recognized and adored by all! Click through for a tutorial on creating this costume.

3. Lil’ Devil (get yours here)


It’s not too often we find pet costumes for the small critters in our lives! This gunea pig ‘Lil’ Devil’ costume couldn’t be a cuter way to let your pet be a star for the day!

4. Vampire Pet (DIY Costume)


A simple pair of wings can easily transform your puppy or kitten into the worlds most adorable vampire pet! Wings can be crafted from fabric, craft paper, or even painted cardboard- the possibilities are endless!

5. Cat Fish (get yours here)


We think we can all agree there’s not much funnier than a cat dressing up as a fish. That officially makes him a cat fish right?? This costume takes into consideration the fact that most cats won’t tolerate a full body costume and comes with a cute cap only 😉

6. Painted Pokemon (DIY Costume)


This little kitten was quickly transformed into an adorable Pokemon- Pikachu with the use of pet safe paints. Check out Pet Paint if you’re looking to DIY a costume like this of your own!

 7. Little Glowing Skeleton (get yours here)


There’s not much more that screams ‘Halloween’ than all things glow-in-the dark, & skeletons. This cute costume combines both factors, and is ideal for pets who don’t do well with costumes that include hats, headbands, etc.

8. Ty Beanie Baby (DIY Costume)


This adorable puppy has been instantly transformed into a real life, Ty Beanie Baby! He’s so cute and cuddly and all it took was the simple addition of an over-sized tag to his collar that his Pet Parents made from craft paper. Sweet and simple!

9. Painted Peacock (get yours here)


This is an eye-catching costume if we’ve ever seen one, and ideal for the pup with a bold, showy personality. This full body suit and tail won’t be a good fit for the timid dog, but all others should give it a try. There’s so much cuteness here!

10. Scuba Diver (DIY Costume)


We salute the creative Pet Parents who created this adorable Scuba Diver costume for their sweet Boxer! Click through for their text tutorial on simply & cheaply creating this awesome costume.

So we’d love to know! Are you a Pet Parent who dresses your pets on Halloween? If so, which costume ideas are catching your eye this Halloween?? 

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