Thunder Dog

This book follows the incredible journey of a guide dog turned hero. A man who has relied on guide dogs his entire life was suddenly faced with his life literally in the dogs paws. An incredible story of trust and dedication as this guide dog leads her master to safety after the 911 attacks.


This book is the story of a four-legged superhero named Roselle, who led her owner out of the ruins of the World Trade Center.

Michael Hingson’s remarkable relationship with guide dogs began long before the events of 9/11. Growing up blind, the author came to rely on their dedication, loyalty and courage at a very young age. Guide dogs helped him navigate through grade school, college and his first jobs. It was a beautiful but storm-shy Labrador retriever with a golden coat who would help save his life. The chilling account of how the two worked in tandem to safely descend 78 floors and 1,463 steps, while simultaneously helping others remain calm, is truly awe-inspiring. A decade has not muted the horrors of 9/11, and Hingson and co-writer Flory do a magnificent job of relating what it was like in the aftermath of the attack. That account alone would have been a worthy and important endeavor. But the authors go beyond that, offering both an illuminating look at the realities blind people face every day and the astounding capabilities of seeing-eye dogs. Seamlessly weaving the narrative between the extraordinary exodus from the burning towers and Hingson’s fascinating life is a savvy literary device that only enriches the tale.

Pet Parents will find this to be a tragic, inspirational, and enlightening memoir.


Credits: Review of ‘Thunder Dog’ provided by Kirkus.

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