Things To Look For When Boarding Your Dog

The holidays are always the busiest travel times for PetParents. Many times we cannot take our four legged friends with us, so instead we choose to board our dogs. Boarding your pup can bring a lot of anxiety to any PetParent, as you don’t want to pick the kennel from hell for your pet to stay in. So throw your anxiety out the door and let us give you a guide to finding the perfect holiday kennel for your pet.

1. Take A Tour

First and foremost you should ask the kennel to give you a tour of the facility. As you walk through you can look for things like that may you feel at home or you can find things that will have you running for the hills. Either way a walk through can really give you peace of mind to make sure your pet will feel at home.

2. Vets

Ask to see if they have a vet(s) on call for the facility, and that the vet is also in close proximity to the facility. You want to make sure in case of any emergency that a vet can be there in no time to help your pet!

3. Cleanliness

It is essential to make sure that your pup stays in a clean environment! A walk through can show you a lot, so look for the nitty gritty as you walk through. Also be sure to ask how often the facility is cleaned, you want to make sure that it is cleaned at least once a day!

4. Certified Credentials

Find out if your state requires boarding kennel inspections. If it does, make sure when you visit that the license or certificate displaying that the kennel met state requirements is shown.

5. Vaccinations

Make sure the kennel requires appropriate health vaccinations. They should require the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine, Rabies, and they should require all dogs to have their vaccines up to date. You don’t want your pup to catch something while you are away!

6. Staff

Make sure to ask how many people at any given time are at the facility, and be sure to make note of this when you do a tour. You want to make sure that the kennel is not short staffed, and that there are plenty of people to help take care of the pups!

7. Fresh Air

Make sure there is an outdoor area for your pup to run and play in! However make sure that either the grassy area is kept very clean, or that there is neat gravel. You don’t want your pet playing in a dirty muddy area, or in an area with sharp rocks where they could get hurt!

8. Safety

You want to make sure that there are good safety precautions at the facility. First you want to make sure that the kennel has a standard of the type of dogs they let in. You don’t want your pup in the mix with aggressive dogs who may hurt him. Ask the kennel if they have rules, and ask if they have measures to ensure that the dogs get along with each other.

9. Cats Cats Cats

Not every kitty is going to get along with a dog and vice versa. So make sure that there are SEPARATE areas for kitties and pups at the kennel. We don’t want any cat fights breaking out.

10. Temperature

Make sure that there is proper air and heat for the dogs, especially in winter and summer months. If the kennels are outside, make sure there is proper heat, blankets, and warm dog beds for them. You don’t want to pick up a dog-ci-cle after your vacation?

12. Food

What times do they feed the pups, and how often? Will they let you bring food from home? If not what type of food do they use? Make sure you ask all of these questions, especially if your dog has allergies!

13. Playtime-Mental Exercise

Make sure to ask what kind of activities they provide for your pup. You want to make sure you dog does not go stir crazy in their kennel.

Make sure to do your research before you choose on kennel for your pet. Start early and be thorough! Remember you are entrusting these people to watch your best four legged friend, and you pup also trust you to keep his best interest in mind.

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