Summer Tips For A Happy Pet

We want all pets to have a great summer! Before you hit the beach, or head off for summer vacation here are a few tips to keeping your dog happy!

Doggie Sunburn 

Did you know your dog can get sunburned? Dogs that have short hair and are light colored are especially susceptible to sun damage. Before hitting the beach this summer with your pup make sure to apply sunscreen to their nose and ears!


Leaving for summer vacation? At kennel drop-off leave with a positive attitude. If you’re upset your pup will be too! If you leave with an upbeat attitude your pup will think that there is nothing to worry about, and will have the time of his/her life!

Stay Cool

Outside on hot days? Make sure to cool your dog inside and out. Try some pup popsicles and a baby pool! It is very easy for a dog to overheat in this hot summer weather!   [star_list]


If you decide to take your pup for a swim and they’re not fond of the water make them comfortable with shade, & a lifejacket. Then both of you can enjoy your summer days by the water worry free!

Paw Care

Paw care is essential, especially in summer! Dog paws can become cracked and dry! This list of helpful tips will keep your dogs paws in tip top shape!

Contributor: Victoria Woodhall

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