Staying Flea Free-Naturally

A huge part of having a happy and healthy dog is ensuring that they remain flea, tick, and parasite free. Although these little critters are small in size, they’re pesky and determined, and can really cause damage to your pets if left un-treated. Both fleas and ticks can spread from one pet to another, and even to us! Fleas can easily infest a house if they’re not quickly managed. See our post- Facts About Fleas– to learn more about the flea life cycle.

For years, topical methods have been widely available through our pets veterinarians. A once monthly dosage kept the fleas and ticks at bay, and everyone seemed happy. But now, these pesky critters are starting to develop a resistance to some of the chemicals in these monthly topical solutions. Pet Parents are starting to doubt their effectiveness, and in many cases, are becoming unwilling to continue applying these products to their pets.

So what are the other flea-fighting options? 

  • All natural Wondercide Evolv– requires spritzing every 2-3 days
  • Lavender essential oils- a light spritzing on your pets bed several times per week
  • All natural Wondercide Repel soap– used during bath time- the essential oils will help keep critters at bay
  • Vacuuming the home regularly
  • Washing your pets bedding in hot water each week
  • Applying diatomaceous earth to your pets coat, along doorways & window sills
  • Add 1 TBS of apple cider vinegar into your dogs drinking water
  • Plant marigolds, geraniums, and herbs in your garden
  • Speak with your vet about ways to boost your pets immune system as this can often help them fight and repel fleas
  • Use natural cleaning products like Branch Basics to do your house cleaning, laundry, and even to bathe your pets!

One thing to know and understand about a natural approach to flea and tick repellents   is that it’s not a ‘one and done’ solution the way chemical topical solutions are. Choosing to treat your pets to a natural approach is certainly better on their system and their overall health, but it will require additional commitment from you as a PetParent. You’ll have to be willing to groom your pets on a regular basis, clean up after them better, and refresh and renew all of the various prevention methods that you’ve chosen to use. If you’re making this change as a family, we applaud you! It often helps to write down (on a calendar) what tasks need to be done on which day for maximum efficacy. Eventually, these minor things will become part of your routine, but until then it’s best to ensure you’ll stick with it and see success!

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