Seatbelt for Dog?

Raise your hand if your dog loves to go for a car ride? We’re willing to bet that many of you emphatically respond “YES,” because so many dogs love traveling with their PetParent. In fact, it probably doesn’t matter if you go around the block, across town, or on a cross-country trip in the car, your pup is equally pleased all the same! Just like children, our pets should never ride in the front seat of the car, nor should they ride unrestrained. It’s just too dangerous.

Unrestrained pets in vehicles can quickly become a hazard to all invovled. Not only is an unrestrained pet a potential distraction to the driver of the vehicle, they can also cause serious injury to passengers, and become seriously injured themselves in the event of an accident as well. PetParents should be aware that EMT’s are not trained in emergency animal care, and animals who are injured in car accidents often suffer through long waits for proper medical care if the survive the accident at all.

The best way to restrain your pet depends a lot on their size. Small pets (cats, small breed dogs, rabbits etc.) should be confined in a safe pet carrier while in the car, while medium & large dogs should wear a crash-tested safety harness as a precaution when they’re in the car. Should you be in an accident, having your pet restrained can provide you initial peace of mind. PetParents also won’t have to worry about their pet escaping from the car after the accident, or interfering with police and medical personnel who respond to the scene.

Not all pet safety restraints are created equal! 

  • We recommend a safety harness that offers Pet Passenger Restraint System Technology. The PPRS safety system keeps pets securely fastened in the car seat during a sudden stop or collision.
  • The Center for Pet Safety has a voluntary certification program for crash test certification on pet safety harnesses. PetParent recommends products that have been CPS certified because this demonstrates the product manufacturers are independently committed to high safety standards for pets. Currently, the Sleepypod Clickit Sport is the only crash test certified product by the CPS.
    • The Sleepypod Clickit Sport has 3-points of contact for the most advanced safety restraint technology. Three points of contact reduce your pets forward and lateral movement in the event of a car collision.

PetParent has comprehensive reviews to provide you with more information on the Sleepypod Clickit Sport and the Sleepypod Clickit Utility harnesses, as well as the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed.

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