Tips For A Successful Roadtrip With Pets

Pets love to be included in all that we do, and that of course includes travel too! If you’re planning a road trip this summer, we’re willing to bet you’re at least considering taking your pets along for the ride. Traveling together can be a great bonding experience, allowing your pet to get out and explore by your side. 

Preparation is key:

  • Pack a travel bag for your pets
  • Bring vaccine records- just in case
  • Pack extra gallons of water if possible
  • A toy & blanket (or bed) that smell like home
  • A carrier, crate,  or pet seat belt so your pet is as safe as you while on the road
  • A spare leash to be kept in the car

Road Trip Considerations:

  • Plan to stop every 3-4 hours to let your dog out to stretch his legs and relieve himself
  • Offer water at the start of your pit stops, and again before you load up in the car
  • Feed your dog at least 1 hour before riding in the car to avoid an upset tummy
  • Get some exercise both before and after a long day in the car.
  • Bring treats and use these mini-breaks as a small training opportunity with your pup.
  • Stuff a kong toy and let your dog enjoy from the safety of his crate or carrier.


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