Pumpkin Puppy Cookies

I love the fall. I love going to the pumpkin patch, enjoying the cooler weather, and dressing for the chill! It’s my favorite season and the most fun in my opinion! At my house, our fur babies are not exempt from the festivities; my pups love fall too!

Keira, our Alaskan Malamute LOVES to be outside now that it has cooled down a bit! She is the first to enjoy an autumn day and is always thankful that the summer heat is over… especially here in Texas! Pudge, our Border Collie, enjoys all the activity outside. He loves to watch the people walking by and shouting out to their dogs! The pups love going out with us on our autumn adventures, especially on Halloween, and you BETTER believe they get to dress up too (they don’t particularly like that part, but we get a good photo op).

chandlers pups

I love to bake in the fall and pumpkin muffins are my go to recipe. A few years ago, I made some pumpkin cookies for our pups and I found out that my dogs LOVE pumpkin just like I do! Now, our pups get to celebrate my favorite season with a yummy treat. Here’s a recipe for some yummy pumpkin puppy cookies that you can make for your dogs to enjoy this fall:


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