Pumpkin for Pets

Halloween is just around the corner! One thing that’s quite reminiscent of the Fall season and the Halloween holiday are pumpkins! With so many ways to enjoy pumpkins, it’s no wonder they’re a hit! Eat them, roast them, snack on the seeds, carve them, decorate with them and more. Did you know that cooked pumpkin is actually an extremely healthy treat for your pets too?? Pumpkin is a superfood for pets!

Here’s the funny thing about pumpkins. Much like tomatoes, they are a fruit that’s often confused as a vegetable. They fall in the same family as melons and cucumbers do- and the pumpkin is a fruit that has nutritional value in every part- including the leaves, rind, and seeds.

The pumpkin itself is high in fiber which aids in digestion and can help a pet have more regular bowel movements as well. Pumpkin contains essential vitamins A & C which work to support eye health, immunity, and more. Zinc improves the skin & coat while beta carotene will help to slow the aging process.

Feeding Pumpkin to Pets:

  • One of the easiest ways to give your pets pumpkin is to put a spoonful in with their regular meal. You can purchase canned pumpkin puree, just be sure you’re not getting pumpkin pie filling by accident- the high sugar contents in the filling will surely upset your pets stomach!
  • Many companies are now selling treats that have pumpkin or sweet potato in them for these reasons, so that’s another great option to introduce pumpkin to your pet.
  • If you know how to roast your own pumpkin- by all means do so! It really couldn’t be easier, and this is a great way to source healthy pumpkin for your pets. Roast an entire one and freeze in small amounts to use all winter long.


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