Play Feeding Games With Your Pets!

As PetParents, we all know that the way to our dogs heart is through their stomach- our pups love to eat!  Treats, kibble, bones, and chewies- they love them all. It’s our duty then, as diligent PetParents to provide our pups a way to enjoy their food for just a bit longer- and what better way than with feeding games!

Feeding games are a great way to make meal time last a bit longer, and to engage your dogs mind at the same time. Most dogs are highly food motivated, and the food or treat reward is more than enough motivation for them to enjoy the ‘work’ to get their treats to the fullest.

Common Feeding Games:

  • The Kong Toy is an easy way to give your dog a bit of enrichment with his meal. Stuff his dinner inside the kong toy and allow him to work for his meal. If you’re able to plan ahead, try freezing the kong for an hour or so first to make it more of a challenge.
  • Feeding toys like the Kyjen Slo Bowl are an ideal way to get your dog to slow down for dinner, and to work his mind as he tries to get each last piece out of the maze.
  • Work training into your routine! Have your dog practice his tricks and command in exchange for a few bites of kibble at a time. If you’re really ambitious, you can get to this level of dinner time excellence!
  • Set up a ‘kibble hunt’ by sprinkling your dogs food all throughout the back yard or patio and letting him use his nose to sniff it all out.

Here are some great dog friendly power foods, as well as a list of which people foods dogs can and cannot eat. 

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