Product Review- Pixelist Custom Canvas Painting

If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing the camera roll on your phone is full of cute pictures of your pets. You probably share the best ones on your facebook, instagram, or twitter. And maybe you’re one of those people who still gets your photos printed on occasion. But what if you snapped a really amazing photo of your beloved pet? How would you chose to display that memory? We’d like to suggest you take a look at working with Pixelist.


Pixelist is a company that you can commission to hand paint one of your own photos- from your camera or phone. Think about it; a handmade, photorealistic oil painting that has been created by a professional artist who’s looking at one of YOUR photos while they create a painting. How incredible is that!?


How would YOU like a chance to enter to win a custom Pixelist painting of your own?? 

Entering is simple! Submit a photo of your pet (2 pets/photo maximum please) and then be sure to come back and vote for your photo daily- ask your friends and family to vote too! Three lucky winners will be chosen out of the 6 photos with the most votes once October 10th, 2014 rolls around. Click here to get started submitting your adorable pet photo and let the voting begin!

Pixelist was started in order to bring a bit of the human touch back into this world which so often feels over run with processed pixels and printers. Pixelist strives to make custom art accessible to people again. An idea we absolutely love! All you have to do is provide them your vision (a favorite image you’ve captured) and they will do the rest! We promise you, the hardest part about the Pixelist ordering experience will be choosing just which awesome photo you want to have turned into a painting!


The artists who will create your custom canvas live in and around the city of Xiamen, China. They are university graduates who generally paint from home, and are paid by Pixelist an amount that is well above the market price. They are highly skilled, and this is evident in their work. All of the paintings are created in a photo realistic style, and currently Pixelist does not offer canvas framing, but they are expanding into that realm quite shortly. Exciting stuff!

photo 4

One thing in particular finishing touch that we loved about the Pixelist canvases is the fact that they come ready to mount and you don’t have to fiddle with adding any mounting hardware yourself.  It’s ready to go straight from the box, onto the wall. After you adore it and brag about it to all your friends of course! The canvases come with a tag on the back that includes the artists name; because we happen to love little personal details like that, we hung ours with the tag intact. Our custom Pixelist painting of Scooter arrived in the middle of moving week; because it was ready to hang, we placed it immediately on the wall where it would be safe. It was a bright spot among the moving boxes all week! 🙂

photo 2

To say that I was ‘wow’ed‘ when I took the canvas out of the box is an understatement! We will cherish this painting of our sweet boy forever. It is so perfect, and so incredibly detailed, and accurate. The texture on the painting is hard to capture in a photo, but oh so evident in person.

photo 5

Scooter LOVES posing for the camera. It’s quite possible that he’s never loved posing more than with a custom painting of himself 😉

photo 3

With plenty of different canvas sizes to choose from, and prices to fit all budgets, this is one company you’ve just got to check out! They don’t only create pet paintings of course either. Be sure to check out the video at the top of this post to see how the ‘Dog by the Sea’ painting comes together from start to finish- it’s nothing short of incredible.


Because these paintings are so true to life, they take some time for the artists to create! If you’re considering a Pixelist painting for a birthday gift, or Christmas perhaps, be sure to place your order 4-6 weeks in advance. It’s also worth noting that Pixelist recommends cleaning your custom painting with a soft, damp cloth (no soap!) It’s also suggested that you hang the painting out of direct sunlight to avoid it fading.


Can’t get enough of these awesome custom canvases? Us either! See the full gallery here!

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