Pet Friendly Kimpton Hotels

If you’ve ever traveled with your pets before, you know finding a good pet friendly hotel is like finding a diamond in the rough! You want a hotel that makes your dog feel welcome, not simply tolerated. Am I right? A place that is both comfortable for you as it is for your pet. No skimping on the service either! PetParents shouldn’t be relegated to less than stellar accommodations just because they’ve got a furry friend in tow.

If you’re looking for a great hotel experience with your pup in tow, then the Kimpton Hotels are where it’s at! Your dog will be greeted with his own dog bed, bowl, toy, and treat within your hotel room, just to make sure he feels a part of the family. Staff at Kimpton Hotels are huge animal lovers, so you can expect your trip through the lobby to involve several petting stops as your pup makes tons of new friends!

Kimpton Hotel invites their patrons to bring along their furry, feathered, or scaly family members. No matter their size, weight, or breed there is never any extra charge for your pet to accompany you. How’s that for refreshing? The hotel concierge will even be able to provide you and your pup with a list of nearby locations that are pet-friendly for your enjoyment. Kimpton Hotels are known for their complimentary wine reception each evening, and pets are always welcome!

Currently Kimpton Hotels can be found in 27 cities nationwide with over 60 boutique hotels ready to welcome you and your pets. Plan your next trip around a stay at one of the lovely Kimpton properties and you’re sure to have a great time. Some Kimpton locations also have ‘Directors of Pet Relations’ who are honorary canine employees who work hard to greet guests and test out all the pet amenities. Seriously amazing! Below is a photo of Director of Pet Relations Charlie, who is busy manning his post at the Hotel Monaco Alexandria.


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