Periodontal Disease in Dogs

As a Pet Parent, are you aware of the dangers of Periodontal Disease in your dogs? More serious than gingivitis, periodontal disease can cause extreme oral pain and cause lasting damage to your dogs jaw bone. It is much more common in certain breeds (like toy poodles, cavalier king charles spaniels for instance) but any dog or cat can suffer from the disease. Periodontal disease is an infection and inflammation of your pets gums. It is now also one of the most clinically diagnosed disorders in pets.


Signs of Periodontal Disease in Dogs include:

  • stinky breath
  • yellow or brown teeth
  • loose/missing teeth
  • red/swollen/bleeding gums
  • consider your dogs appetite- has it recently changed? Lessened?


Here’s the thing about it though. Periodontal disease is absolutely preventable, and can even be treated/reversed if it’s caught early enough! Brushing your dogs teeth is the #1 way to prevent the formation of plaque, which leads to periodontal disease. There are also various types of pet toothbrushes– it’s important to find the one that will work best for your pet! A pet safe toothpaste is an essential part of the tooth brushing equation.


During your pets annual vet exams (bi-annual for seniors!) ask their doc to pay special attention to their teeth- and follow up by scheduling a dental cleaning if needed. Provide your pet with adequate chews that help prevent tartar and plaque formation.

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