New Kitten Checklist

So you’ve just adopted a kitten. Congratulations!  Regardless if you’re a new cat parent, or a seasoned one; having a check list of items you need on hand before your new kitten arrives home is always helpful.

We’ve collected a list of some of the most essential items that you’ll want to have purchased, set up, and ready to go before your new kitten ever comes home. Consider these both the basics and the essentials. You can expand your collection of kitten care items as your relationship blossoms and you come to know your kittens preferences.

New Kitten Checklist:

1. Food & Water bowls

2. High quality cat food- talk with your vet about your options

3. A litter box- for when duty calls- vital to have this set up in the home before kitty comes home

4. Break-away collar & tags- safety first PetParents!

5. Bag of treats- ’cause even a kitten needs a little motivation now and then

6. Toys- lots of toys, and a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and features

7.  A kitty bed- The Sleepypod Mini is a cat bed, car seat & carrier in one!

8. A scratching post- so kitty can start learning the appropriate place to scratch right off the bat.


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