January is National Walk Your Dog Month

Each January is dedicated to several different pet holidays, one of the most important being National Walk Your Dog Month. It’s a great reminder for PetParents to get out there and get moving with their pets as each New Year begins. Our pups make incredible workout partners, and once you’re in the habit of daily walks together- they might even hold you to it! There are so many benefits to incorporating a daily walk into your lives for both you and your pup.

Several Great Reasons to Walk Your Dog More Often:

  • A tired dog is a happy dog. Taking a walk together is the quickest way to help your pup use up some of their energy reserves. Dogs are much less likely to engage in destructive behavior if they are receiving an adequate amount of exercise.
  • Walking is a mental workout for your dog as well as they take in all the varied sights and smells.
  • Each walk you take is a training opportunity. As you walk, your dog will become a better and better listener as his excess energy is drained and he’s better able to focus. Walks establish your place as the leader of the pack, and help your dog learn appropriate out-of-the-home manners.
  • Our dogs love to roam and walking helps to fulfill this desire. Allowing your dog to smell all the interesting bushes, posts, and trees is equatable to you catching up on the evening news.
  • Walking is yet another way you can strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
  • Daily walks are important to the overall health and well-being of both you and your dog.
  • Being out and about provides a good socialization opportunity for your dog as you’ll undoubtedly encounter new people and pups to meet ‘n greet.

Are you a Pet Parent who wears a FitBit to track your own steps and fitness achievements? Did you know there is a device like a FitBit for dogs? It’s called a StarWalk device, and you can learn more here!

Don’t miss our post on Dog Walking Essentials, as well as 10 Training Goals for 2015. Did you know there’s a National Walk your Dog Week as well? It lands on the first week of every October and encourages pet parents to get out and walk in the beautiful Autumn weather with their pets.

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