National Walk Your Dog Week

The first week in October each year has been dedicated ‘National Walk Your Dog Week‘ which was founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige in 2010. Paige wanted to bring awareness to the increasing problem of canine obesity, and behavioral issues. Walk Your Dog Week aims to educate and improve the health and well being of the dogs in America.

Paige believes that if you give your dog the gift of a promise of good quality, daily walks for a week, that you will see such an improvement in your dogs disposition that it will encourage you to make this lifestyle change permanent.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) notes that more than 40% of dogs in the US are currently overweight. This translates to about 17 million overweight dogs. The AVMA guidelines state that walking your dog for 30 minutes a day you can meet the requirements for heart health.

Weather you walk with a leash, or without, in the city, or with some space to roam- we hope that you and your dog can enjoy a few extra special walks together this week! Walks can take so many shapes and forms. From the surroundings, to the duration, even the company! One thing always holds true though, the pups are always smiling! Everyone feels great afterwards.

Having National Dog Week fall in the first week of October is quite perfect. The autumn weather provides ideal walking weather, and the changing of leaves is a gorgeous backdrop for a peaceful walk with your furry friends. If you start a daily walking habit with your dog that you keep up, imagine how in-shape you’ll be when the holiday season hits in full!

Walking provides our bodies with so many benefits too: lowering blood pressure, increase energy levels, reduce your weight, and improve your self confidence, happiness, and well being.

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