National Love Your Pet Day

February is already known as the month of love, so this pet holiday is appropriately scheduled! February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day!! While we are firm believers that EVERY day is love your pet day, we’re still appreciative of the fact that this very worthy holiday has a date on the calendar. So how will you celebrate National Love Your Pet Day this year? We’ve got a few suggestions for you Pet Parents!


Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day:

  • Take your dog for an extra long walk
  • Play your cats favorite game a little extra
  • Hide treats around the house for your pet to sniff out and find
  • Feed your pets dinner from an interactive bowl
  • Take your pup for a car ride…on a trip to the dog park
  • Bring them home a brand new toy- branch out & try something new
  • Give them a special treat or chewie
  • Give your pet some extra petting and attention
  • A little grooming TLC is a great way to bond with your pet


Of course the ways that you show your pets that you love them completely depend on both your pets personalities, as well as the relationship that you have together.


What are the best ways for you to show YOUR pets that you love them? Leave us a note in the comment- your response just might be what another Pet Parent needed to hear 🙂 

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