National Dog Week

Each year, the last week of September is dedicated to our dogs. Called National Dog Week, this special week is all about the canine companions who make our lives happier and brighter.


It can be easy to take our pets unconditional love for granted. They are always there waiting for us when we get home from work, ready to make a bad day better, to give us a giggle. It’s nice to have a dedicated week to focus on giving back to our dogs all that they give to us each day. Our pets are the best, and obviously we couldn’t let such a pet-centric holiday pass by without mention!


National DogWeek has been observed for 85 years now, and was originally launched by Captain William Lewis Judy in 1928. National Dog Week was established to help create a group of responsible dog owners.  This week, we hope you’re able to spend a little extra time with your dogs to let them know how important they are to you. Maybe you’ll go for an extra long walk, a cruise in the car, or a second trip to the dog park to celebrate. Either way, we know your dog is happiest just being with you!


National Dog Week has its very own website and facebook page if you’d like to connect further or learn more.

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