Missing Blind Dog is Found!

Imagine this….you’re a PetParent to a blind dog, you live in Alaska, and one day your blind dog goes out for a potty break and doesn’t come back. You scan the yard and realize….she’s gone! Talk about a heart-wrenching situation. Sadly, a few PetParents found themselves in this exact situation just a few weeks ago. The family kept going out in search of their beloved pup, but ice made it hard to track her prints and they returned unsuccessfully each evening.


Madera, their beloved black lab, was missing for nearly two weeks before she was found by one of their neighbors dogs. The dog was wearing a bell on his collar, and when Madera heard him, she began to howl. $100 reward was granted to their neighbor for his help, which he asked to be donated to the animal shelter. The family was so impressed by his graciousness that they upped the donation to $250. Now that’s paying it forward for the animals!

Image Credits: Newsminer.com


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