Mental Enrichment Toys

Winter weather typically means that we’re cooped up more than usual indoors with our pets. After awhile, it’s pretty natural for everyone to feel a little stir crazy. This is when PetParents must get creative in order to save the day! Or at least your sanity. One of our go-to’s for beating the winter blues is to utilize feeding toys and enrichment games that will mentally engage our pets.

The KONG wobbler is a great introductory feeding toy as it is easy for most dogs to figure out and won’t cause feelings of frustration. The weighted base works to keep the wobbler upright, while your dog works for their food. Once filled with kibble or treats, your dog can push, paw, bat, and move the wobbler around. The kong wobbler is designed to release food slowly, encouraging your pet to remain active and work for his food.

Kyjen Kibble Drop toy is slightly more advanced, requiring your pup to lift the tabs at the base to retrieve the kibble. Kyjen is a company who has built their reputation around creating high quality toys for pet enrichment and they offer feeding toys of all shapes, sizes, and challenge levels.

The Aikiou bowl (pronounced IQ)  is a well-designed, durable feeding toy that will mentally challenge your pup to work for his meal! Shaped like a paw print, this bowl is both adorable and functional. The ‘toes’ of the toy have covers that your dog can slide to reveal their food, and the ‘big pad’ is a wheel that your dog can push with his nose or move with his paws. The Aikiou bowl has 14 different chambers which you can use to hide food for your pup.

The Kyjen Slo Bowl is another great option if you’re looking to increase the duration of your dogs dinnertime. There is no puzzle component to this toy, but the four different designs work to slow down the rate at which your dog eats, causing him to use his tongue to work for the food. A dog who eats slowly will have better digestion and be less likely to suffer from a serious condition called bloat. The Kyjen slo bowl can help take your dogs dinnertime from lasting just 2 minutes, to 20 minutes long!

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