Letting cats play onward and upward!

Many PetParents to cats already know how much our feline friends love to run, jump, climb, and play. Yet the way most of our homes are set up doesn’t allow for our cats to perform their circus feats daily or take full advantage of all the upward space in our homes. The ability to jump and climb is one that keeps our cats young, giving them the ability to fully stretch their muscles can lead to a longer, healthier life.

Have you ever considered adding floating shelves or cat walks up the walls and along the ceiling to give your cat a whole new world to explore?

Cat shelves can be an easy way to give your kitty a whole new perspective on life. He can access different rooms in the home without ever touching the ground, and can observe his family from up above. Cat shelves are very effective for multi-cat households, making all the felines feel as if the home has more space to move and explore.

The cat shelf inspiration to be found online is vast and varied. PetParents are truly only limited by their own creativity and the space in their own homes. We suggest starting small and seeing how your cat reacts to initial changes, then expand from there if needed. Have fun with it!

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