K9 Fit Club

There’s no denying that exercise is just a fact of life. Exercise has so many benefits, including keeping our bodies healthy and happy. PetParents with energetic dogs fully understand the benefits of a great exercise session- after all a tired dog is a good dog! Walking with our dogs is a wonderful form of exercise for all parties involved. Our dogs love to get out, explore, and take in all the scents, and many of them have long lasting endurance to go quite a distance. For Pet Parents who want more of an intense workout though, the options to include their pets become more limiting. That is until the creation of K-9 fit club.

K9 Fit Club is a leader in human/canine fitness. Their program is designed to teach, license, and certify folks in the use of dogs healing people. Once you become certified with K9 Fit Club, you are provided with trainer tools, K9 Fit Kit info, partner discounts, and training and marketing support from K9 Fit club. They try to prepare everyone to be ready to run a successful business. You can work full or part time after your certification- the choice is up to you! Of course, not everyone will want to be a certified trainer, you can always sign you and your pup up for a K9 Fit class near you.

K9 Fit Club was invented by Tricia Montgomery who battled obesity personally, and eventually lost weight while working out with her dog. After loosing over 130 lbs, she was inspired to help people everywhere learn to stay fit with their dogs. Because people and pet obesity are both on the rise, this program is an ideal way to inspire people to get up and get moving with their pups. As they say at K9 Fit Club “Don’t sit, get fit!”

K9 Fit Club classes allow Pet Parents the freedom to not to have to choose between the gym and their dog anymore! All of the K-9 Fit Club programs have been designed with the help of personal trainers, dog trainers, doctors, dog behaviorists, and veterinarians. The programs are available and tailored towards all fitness levels and even have specifically designed programs for children and seniors. K9 Fit Club Classes combine cardio, agility, strength and even incorporate your dogs obedience commands as well!

If you love fitness and you love dogs too, then this could be a really natural fit for you! Sign up for a class in your area, or go the extra mile and become K9 Fit Club certified. Their online course is priced at $599, and most students go through the course in one to two months. After the final quiz, your certification materials will be mailed to you and the K9 Fit Club team would advise you of your next steps. 

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