How To Help an Animal Locked in a Car

Being the awesome PetParent that we know you are, you already understand that it’s a terrible idea to   leave your dog locked in the car on a warm day-even for a few minutes. But what should you do if you encounter someone else’s dog in distress, locked in a hot car? 

Helping an Animal Locked in a Car:

  • Quickly gather all information on the vehicle- make, model, color, plate #
  • Call for help- call both animal control & 911 to make both parties aware of the situation
  • Search for the owner in the parking lot/place of business
  • Approach store managers to put a message out over the intercom system

Currently there are 14 states that prohibit leaving an animal in a vehicle when conditions could cause harm and many local ordinances that prohibit these actions. Many places of business have signs in their parking lot or store windows admonishing the practice. These things aren’t always enough to stop someone from leaving their pet in the car for ‘just a minute’.

But a minute can sometimes be too long. So it’s up to responsible and educated PetParents to help to educate other pet owners on the dangers of leaving pets locked in a vehicle. In the summer, when it’s hot, our pets are best left at home where they can stay nice and cool.

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