Halloween Pet Safety

While the holidays are typically a time of excitement and joy for us PetParents, they can be a time of stress and even danger for our pets. Their typical routines (which they know and love) are temporarily thrown out the window, not to mention the food temptations for pets surrounding the holiday seasons. When it comes to Halloween, the biggest concern for pets is the danger of them consuming the chocolate intended for Trick-o-Treaters.

 Halloween Pet Safety Tips:

  • Avoid the candy: Chocolate is toxic to pets, but many other types of candy contain toxic ingredients as well.
  • Clean up quickly: Candy wrappers, costume parts and more can all be picked up and potentially eaten by a curious pet.
  • Dangerous decorations: Real produce decorations like pumpkins, gourds, indian corn and more could all pique the interest of your pet. All of these things could cause stomach upset.
  • Candle Casualties: an excited pooch can easily knock over a lit jack o lantern and create an instant fire hazard.
  • Lock-down: consider keeping your dogs and cats locked in another room during the hours when trick-or-treaters will be stopping by. The often opening door is an easy escape for an anxious pet.
  • Costume Considerations: There are so many adorable pet products on the market, as well as DIY pet costume ideas (see our Top 10 here!) that it can be really enticing to dress our pets up. Consider your pets personality and their toleration level before deciding if your pet should wear a costume or not. Avoid a full-body costume for your pets first experience to gradually ease them into the idea.
  • Pumpkin for pets: Pumpkin is a superfood for pets, and is much easier to feed your pets than you might think. Check it out!


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