So You Found A Lost Dog…What To Do With The Lost Pup

Featured Guest Blogger: Joyce Martin , Executive Director of Austin Dog Rescue

A little about Joyce: Joyce became involved in caring for and training dogs by becoming active in a rescue, after her children were grown.  In 2007  she and other individuals founded Austin Dog Rescue, a mixed breed non-profit rescue. Over the years Joyce and her husband have welcomed hundreds of dogs and puppies of every size, age, and breed in our home. Thanks to Joyce and ADR for all they do, and for the great information on what to do when you find a lost dog!


What To Do When You Find a Lost Dog?

Finding a lost dog can be very overwhelming to say the least. However if you do find a lost dog we recommend that you take the following steps first before you take them to the local shelter. Local shelters are usually full and over-filled, so take these steps first!

1. To The Vet You Go

Take the pup to a local vet (or shelter) to see if they are microchipped. If so, the vet will be able to give you information on if the information is up to date you should be able to return them home immediately.

2. Call The Shelter

Call 311 in your local city or call your local shelters to report the dog found and make sure to give them as much information as possible, including a microchip ID if you have it. Make sure to ask for the ID # or a confirmation # for the shelter for the dog you report, just in case you decide you want to keep the little fella!

3. Craigslist

Austin Dog Rescue tells us that many owners will post a ‘lost’ ad on craigslist. Check those and post a ‘found’ ad before surrendering the dog to the shelter.

4. Neighborhood Groups

Do you have a neighborhood Facebook group? Find your neighborhood alliance and put up a flyer in your online group! The poor pup could have just escaped out of a neighbor’s backyard.

5. Alert Your Neighbors & Surrounding Areas

Talk to you neighbors and post a flyer of the dog you found in your neighborhood and surrounding areas to see if one of their furry friends escaped! It also helps to post flyers where you found the pup, as well.

6. Wait

Before you take the dog to a local city shelter, wait a few days for one of the above methods to work.  We highly recommend that you exhaust the above methods before taking a found dog to a shelter. The dog could be one of your neighbors friends that happen to go on a joy run! After 3 or 4 days if you have not heard from anyone, then it is appropriate to take the pup to a shelter…unless you want to keep them and make your home their forever home!

About Austin Dog Rescue:

This foster home organization has been working since 2006 to find dogs forever homes. Austin Dog Rescue is one of the leading and most well respected organizations on Central Texas, carefully placing dogs in forever homes, and continually being their advocates. For more information or to contact Austin Dog Rescue, check out their website! Find out ways to help ADR here!