How to Fly With Your Pet

Are you and your pet about to venture into the great wide unknown, known as the airport, together? Traveling with your pet can be a stressful situation, however we are here to help you PetParents. Many airlines are pet friendly. Most airlines allows pets to traveling in-cabin in an approved pet carrier under the seat with you.

1. Shots, Shots, Shots! 

Make sure you update your pet on all their vaccines, and then take the paperwork with you while you travel.

2. Make a Reservation

You need to make a pet reservation for your pet to fly. Also know that you will have to pay $95 each way with your pet at the ticket counter during your flight!

3. Get a Pet Approved Carrier 

You pet has to fit under the seat (where your carry-ons go). Carriers must be 8.5″ high X 18.5″ long X 13.5″ wide.

So now that you have properly prepared for your flight, let us give you some tips for the big day itself. 

1. Pack a Bag 

In order to make sure you are prepared for anything on flight, make sure you bring: poo-bags, your pets favorite treats, a toy or blanket from home, your dog’s leash, any any calming remedies you may need during the flight. Most of these things you can put easily in one of your two free carry-ons.

2. Potty Breaks 

Make sure you plan to get to the airport in plenty of time to let your pet potty in one of the airport Animal Relief areas.  You should probably take your pet there before you check in and before you go through security. After you exit the plane make sure you also take your pet to the animal relief area, especially after they have been on a longer flight.

3. Distraction is always best 

Once you get to the gate you will want to find a nice spot for you and your pet. If you pet is already nervous or becomes nervous easily, you may want to take them away from the people to a quiet area.

4. Keep Calm and Carry On 

First we recommend talking to your vet about any natural calming remedies you can use if you think your dog is going to completely spaz out.  Remember distraction, distraction, distraction! Once you are able to move safely through the cabin,  check with your flight attendant about letting your dog sit in your lap for a bit for some PetParent TLC.

5. Thank Your Flight Crew 

Thank them for their patience and for allowing you to travel with your pet!


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