Finding the right Kong Toy for your Pup

Kongs are a toy that we believe every dog and cat can benefit from having in their toy box at home. There are so many types and varieties of Kong toys out there that they cross each life stage and are tons of fun no matter what age your pet happens to be! Kongs are a bouncy, interactive, feeding toy that will keep your pets mentally engaged and excited about their day. Pet Parent has rounded up all the best tips for finding the right Kong Toy for your pup! With so many great options to choose from- we’re here to help you navigate them all!

The classic rubber Kong toys come in 4 different rubber types: Classic (red), Extreme (black), Puppy (pink or blue), & Senior (purple) in order to help Pet Parents narrow down the kong selection immediately, simply based upon their pets age.

Once you’ve found the right kong for your pet, it’s time to learn how to best utilize it for their enjoyment. The rounded pyramid shape of the kong means that it bounces around playfully when dropped onto the ground, enticing the dog to chase after it. The hollow interior of the kong is perfect for stuffing with treats and all sorts of tasty edibles. When stuffing your pups kong, it’s important to include a variety of treats and tasty options. Treats of different sizes, or larger treats that can be broken up or crumbled will work best.

Kong Toy Tasty Treat Stuffing Ideas:

  • peanut butter
  • squeeze cheese
  • a small amount of kibble
  • jerky treats
  • small biscuit type treats
  • your pets favorite fruits or veggies
  • Eggs: scrambled or hard boiled
  • Proteins: bits of ground meat, chicken, fish, etc.

Kong toys can be stuffed in advance and then wrapped in saran wrap. Store them in the freezer and pull them out as a special treat for your dog. The frozen treats will take them even longer to get through, keeping them busy as a bee all day!

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