Facts about Fleas

Fleas. The word alone is enough to make some people get the heebie-jeebies, not to mention if these little biting critters are actually in your home or on your pet! Spring, Summer, and early Fall are considered ‘flea season’ in most parts of the US.  We’ve rounded up some facts on fleas to share so that PetParents everywhere can be more aware of the signs and symptoms of fleas on their pets.

Top Facts:

  1. Female fleas can lay up to 2,000 eggs in a lifetime
  2. Fleas can survive for more than 100 days without eating
  3. Only adult fleas can bite- they rely on blood from humans/animals to survive
  4. Fleas are most easily identified by checking over pets with a flea comb
  5. Fleas have been on Earth for 100 million years
  6. Although it appears they have wings, fleas rely on jumping to get from host to host
  7. The ‘cat flea’ is the most common type of flea, responsible for most dog & cat infestations across the US

Besides leaving behind itchy bite marks, fleas can cause other health concerns as well. Pets who have fleas can develop anemia from all the blood loss.  Many pets have flea bite allergies and can go into a complete itchy meltdown after a single flea bite causing them to be clearly uncomfortable and agitated.

Bathing your dog with a citrus or lavender based shampoo is a natural way to repel fleas & ticks, and washing their bedding frequently in hot water will help too. There are many options for preventing and controlling fleas in today’s market. Speak with your veterinarian about the right options for you and your pet.


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