How to Enrich Your Indoor Cats Life

Many cats are perfectly happy spending their entire lives indoors, while other cats seem to crave outdoor time, and spend their days trying to dash out the front door. Just like people, they’re individuals, and what works well for one kitty, might be a total flop for another. Weather your cat seems supremely satisfied with his indoor life, or craves the great outdoors, there are always a few ways PetParents can up their game and make the lives of their cats just a bit more exciting and enriched.

Enriching your Cats Indoor Lifestyle:

  • Window perches, or generous window sills will afford your cat a view of the outdoors- add a bird feeder outside his favorite window for free daily entertainment
  • Scratching posts or cat jungle gyms are an excellent way to help your cat stretch, run, and jump
  • Cat parents should utilize their walls and provide cat-friendly shelving so your feline friend can get a different view of the house
  • Feeding toys like kitty kongs can make your cat work for her food instead of just waiting for her dish to be filled

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, that doesn’t mean they can’t do a little supervised adventuring outdoors. The great outdoors does offer a place for your cat to explore, but it’s important for PetParents to put some safety precautions in place to ensure their cats safety. Many indoor cats have been de-clawed by their owners, rendering them helpless if ever abandoned outdoors. These cats especially must never be left outside unsupervised.

Helping Your Indoor Cat Safely Explore Outdoors:

  • A harness & leash are a great way to let your cat explore safely outdoors
  • A QuikShade Pet Kennel provides a safe spot for your cat to watch the world go by
  • Kitty ‘jungle gyms’ provide an enclosed place for your cat to play in the fresh air

Other Enrichment Ideas:

  • Sometimes the best toys are free! How many times have we seen pets be more interested in the box or bag that their new toy came in, than the toy itself- try offering your cat novel items to explore, and remove them once your cat looses interest
  • Tin foil, wax paper, and saran wrap all make excellent free ball that your cat can spend hours batting around
  • Play food games with your cat- hide a few of their favorite treats around the house and let them search them out
  • Get your cat moving! Use ‘teaser’ toys to get your cat jumping, leaping, and dashing around
  • Get a sleepypod! Not only can it be your cats’ new favorite bed, but you can safely enclose them in the carrier and take them outdoors for some fresh air
  • Games with laser pointers will get your cats predatory instinct up and running
  • Cat nip for cats over 6 months of age can be a very rewarding treat

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