Easiest Dogs To Groom

For many PetParents, the task of grooming their dogs isn’t on the top of their ‘highlights’ list. With such variety in our modern day breeds, we’re lucky that there are coats that range from high maintenance, to nearly no maintenance at all-and everywhere in between. It makes sense that most of the dogs who are easy to groom have short hair, because they’re easier to brush and bathe than pup with longer hair.

1. Bulldog


Bulldogs have a short, coarse coat that makes them minimal shedders. They’re easy to bath, and require limited brushing. Because of their highly wrinkled faces, bulldogs do need the occasional face cleaning to maintain good hygiene.

2. Beagle

Purebred Beagle (female); six years old; "Natasha"

A lighter shedder than most, the beagle also doesn’t need to be bathed often, and a once-weekly brushing will help ensure the coat stays healthy and shiny.

3. Boxer


Boxers are a ‘brush and go’ type of breed, requiring very little in the grooming department. As with all dogs, it’s important to watch their ears to look for mites and dirt, and if you’re not walking regularly on cement you’ll need to check the length of your dogs’ nails too.  Boxers are a clean dog, and are known for grooming themselves like cats often do.

4. Dachshund


The short haired dachshunds are easier to groom than the long or wire haired varieties, but no matter the coat length of your choosing, doxies are a relatively easy breed to maintain. Since they are small and compact, there’s not a lot of hair to deal with either.

5.  Great Dane


Although this giant breed dog will take up most of the bath tub, his short coat makes bathing a breeze. A light brushing every other week is all that’s needed to maintain a gorgeous looking great dane. It’s important to establish good grooming habits with your dane while they’re still a puppy- and a manageable size!

6. Bull Terrier 


A weekly brushing with a rubber mitt or curry comb will keep a bull terrier’s coat glossy and shiny. They don’t need frequent bathing, and often a dry shampoo can be substituted. Bull Terriers do go through a seasonal shedding twice a year- it’s best to brush them daily during this time.

What breed(s) of dogs do you share your home and life with? How do you weigh their grooming needs against the breeds we’ve listed here? Let us know in the comments!

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