Dog Breeds That Love Water

It’s nearly June, and summer is upon us. Summer time is all about swimming and spending the sunny days doing our best to beat the heat. It sure would be fun if we spent our lives with a canine companion who relished in the love of water too. There are many dogs that love water, a lot of this comes down to your pups breed and what they were originally designed to do.

1. Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Whew! That’s a mouthful. This beautiful ‘red headed’ breed was originally used to lure and retrieve water fowl alongside a hunter. Tollers are a medium sized dog, with endless energy. They make an excellent family pet because they’re known to adore children, and as the smallest of the retrievers they’re a nice compact travel companion for a hunter or active family.

 2. Newfoundland 

Newfoundlands are THE dog of choice when it comes to water rescue. Their highly webbed feet and double coat with an oily water proof covering ensure they’re right at home in the water. Newfs are used for rescue by boat, and are even brave enough to jump from a helicopter into the waters to rescue a human in need.

3. Irish Setter 

A larger sized hunting dog, the Irish Setter is a great companion for the lone hunter, or an active family. Highly trainable and with a strong desire to please. Bred to ‘point’ out fowl on land, the Irish Setter has a hard time resisting a dip in any pond or lake you might come across.

4. Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

 Chessies are thought to have been bred down from newfoundlands, so their adoration of water is a natural fit. They have a waterproof coat that rarely requires bathing, and they’re  not turned off by even the chilliest of waters.

5. Labrador Retriever

It’s a well known fact to most Americans that labs just love water. Weather it’s retrieving for a hunter, going boating, dock diving, or simply splashing around- a Labrador thinks water sports are a good time all around!

6. American Water Spaniel

This all-American breed originates from Wisconsin in the 1800’s from a mixing of many other water loving breeds. American Water Spaniels are a breed of dog who bonds strongly to one member of the family and idolizes that person. They require consistent, positive reinforcement and are known to become meek if scolded too often.

7. Portuguese Water Dog

Considering this breed originated to help fishermen handle day to day tasks, it comes as no surprise that Portuguese Water Dogs love the water. In fact, water is even in their name, making this a real given. Portuguese Water Dogs have incredible endurance, and would even swim out and herd fish into the nets, ensuring their fisherman partner had a successful day on the seas. Generally great with kids, Porties make a great family pet who’s ready to accompany you on every trip to the lake you’ve got planned.


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