Our Dogs Get Us

Ever wonder how you dog knows the perfect way to comfort when you are sad? Or why they get SO excited when you are excited? Do you ever feel like your dog is psychic? Well you are not alone PetParent, and a new study is showing that dogs may be able to understand how we are actually feeling.

Researchers in Hungary, using an MRI, have come to find that dog’s brains are very similar to humans. Their studies showed that dog’s brains and human’s brains use similar techniques to process social interaction. “We have known for a long time that dogs and humans share similar social environment, but now our results show that dogs and humans also have similar brain mechanisms to process social information,” said fellow researcher Attila Andics in the article Dogs Understand How We’re Feeling 2014.

After studying 11 dogs researchers are now seeing doors open for more research to be done. According to researchers, thanks to our current medical technology, we know have the capabilities to compare the brain of a non-primate and a primate in one experiment. This kind of research is revolutionary and can help us better understand our four legged friend. For example, researchers were able to test around 200 emotion-triggering sounds to the 11 dogs under the MRI, and compare the results to their human counterparts. Sounds like whining, crying, to laughing were tested, and researchers found surprisingly similar reactions between both dogs and humans.

This research is the first groundbreaking work to see if the emotional reactions from dogs are neurologically processed the same as humans. Researchers have always known that humans and dogs have similar social reactions, but this research could prove that we are even more similar than we think.

So treat your pups like your friends. More than likely, they get you better than your closest friends do.


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Original Article by Voice of America News 

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