Dog-Safe People Medications

As a devoted PetParent, we know your pet’s health and happiness are of your utmost concern. We understand that you’re prepared to leave the in-depth medical diagnoses to your vet (as you should!), but that perhaps you have an interest in being able to provide your pups a small bit of comfort right in your own home.

Having knowledge about which over the counter medications you might already have at home that can help your dog is a great thing! Here is our round-up of dog-safe people medications that you can feel free to use on your dog with just a bit of guidance from your vet.

Dog-Safe People Medications:

  1. Buffered Asprinanti-inflammatory, pain relief
  2. Pepto Bismol upset stomach, gas, diarrhea
  3. Hydrogen Peroxideused exclusively to induce vomiting after a dog has ingested certain poisons
  4. Cortisone Creamitchy spots/bumps
  5. Benadryl allergies and itching
  6. Antibiotic creamapply to scrapes and slight wounds that don’t require stitches
  7. Immodiumdiarrhea relief
  8. Pedialyte (unflavored)- for use if your dog has become severely dehydrated, weakened
  9. Mineral Oilto ease constipation 
  10. Robutussin– for cough suppressant, relieve hacking

You should ALWAYS consult with your dog’s veterinarian prior to administering any medications yourself at home. Your vet will not only be able to help you identify the correct dosage for your dog, they can note your dogs medical chart at the same time and keep all their records up to date!

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