Dog Breeds With The Best Hearing

For many PetParents, having a dog who is a companion is essential. Having a great sense of hearing is impeccable for a pup trying to maintain tabs on his home territory. Much like their awesome sense of smell, dogs also have incredible hearing (when compared to us humans). Not only can dogs hear about 4x further distance than humans can, they can hear an entire range of pitches that don’t even register with our ear. Some breeds do have better hearing than others due to both their physical shape, or their more attentive nature. Perhaps surprisingly, a lot of toy breed dogs are known to be great watch dogs for the simple fact that they’re always alert and attune to their environment.

1. Chihuahua

While small in size, the chihuahua is unafraid to raise a ruckus at any noise he deems unusual. He’ll sound the alarm for the doorbell, a knock at the door, anything out of the ordinary, and perhaps even that random leaf blowing down the street. This alert and tenacious little dog uses his pricked little ears and tunes them like satellite dishes to remain aware of his surroundings constantly.

2. Schnauzers

Both miniature and standard schnauzers have been noted by owners to have a very attentive personality and ears attuned to anything out of the ordinary. These spunky little dogs like to announce their presence to the world with a few barks for good measure. Their little ears are absolutely adorable, and used to draw in all the noises for this little watchman to be aware of.

3. Boston Terrier

With those adorable giant bat-like ears it’s no wonder the Boston Terrier is one of the dogs with great hearing.  You’ll often notice a Boston rotating their ears in any and every direction, soaking up all the sounds of their surroundings. While they’re not as likely to bark and unusual noises as some breeds, they’re very much in constant contact with what’s going on around them.

4. American Eskimo Dog

Eskies, as they are often called are naturally reserved with strangers, although downright silly and lovable with their own family. Their slightly suspicious nature towards strangers and petite pricked ears are a winning combination. This pup is always on the lookout for anything he should alert his family towards and takes family protection very seriously- he will alert to many things ‘just in case’ you need to know about it. With those adorable ears perched right atop his head- he can’t miss much!

5. Miniature Pinschers

This active little dog is best described as a busy body. Min-Pin’s are a breed known to be an excellent watch dog. While Min Pin’s are too small to do much in the way of protection, they are alert and loyal and use those pin pricked ears to keep tabs on everything and then some.

6. Schipperke 

A boisterous little dog,  they are fiercely loyal and protective over their owners. The schipperke has an intense personality, and a strong prey drive using their ears to track down small mammals in the underbrush.

No matter the breed (or mix), it’s important to keep your dogs ears clean for good over all health. If you notice your dog scratching or pawing at the ears a trip to the vet is in order to get to the root of the problem. Certain breeds are more prone to ear problems and your vet may provide you with special ear cleaners, a certain diet, or different strategies to maintain good health in your dog.

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