The Cutest Dog Breeds

We’re willing to agree that the ‘cutest dog’ is certainly a subjective matter. While one PetParent adores the adorably squishy faced breeds like Boston Terriers, Pugs, and Bulldogs, other PetParents are more attracted to something else. The cute and fluffy, the active hunting dog. That’s the beauty of having so many companion breeds of dogs- there is plenty of choice available to PetParents of all walks of life. Below are the breeds that are consistently voted as being the cutest dog breeds: do you agree?

1. Basset Hound


A basset is going to get you with those sweet, soulful, semi-sad eyes. A more ‘awww‘ inducing face does not exist! As puppies, bassets seem to have too much ear and skin to ever grow into, which only makes them that much more endearing!

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Again with the eyes! Cavies are sweet and sensitive, making them an excellent family companion. They come in a wide range of colors, so any potential owner can find a coat pattern that’s pleasing to them. Cavaliers are known for their royal heritage- this is one dog who’s going to get you to do her bidding with just a few bats of those puppy eyelashes!

3. Yorkie 


The Yorskhire Terrier has been a popular American breed for decades now. They come in a range of sizes, from teacup to toy sized, and make a good companion for those who spend time at home. Yorkies are absolutely adorable in their black and tan coats, with a sassy personality to set it off.

4. French Bulldog 


The French Bulldog is arguably the cutest of all the ‘squishy faced’ breeds. An ideal size for any living situation, the French Bulldog has a lot to smile about. Frenchies are known for having a few habits that many of their owners find insanely adorable: grunts, and snorts galore- especially while they sleep.

5. Dachshund 


The dachshund, or ‘weiner dog’, is another breed that’s been popular in America for decades. With a merry brand of loyal devotees, many doxie lovers believe they’re best enjoyed in pairs. Dachshunds are social, so we’re sure they agree! Thanks to their long, low slung bodies, their looks certainly set them apart.

6. Husky 


It must be something about their elusive little masked faces that keeps us in love with the husky. Mischievous, silly, and active, the Siberian Husky is not a breed fit for every household. We’ve yet to find someone who didn’t think a husky was absolutely irresistible though!

7. Japanese Chin


This breed of dog was created for companion purposes only, so the cuteness factor was thought of from the beginning. Japanese Chins have long, soft, silky hair which gives them an ethereal look about them.

8. Pomeranian


It’s hard not to smile back when a pom grins at you. Their tiny, perpetually smiling selves are ready to spread laughter and cheer wherever they go. Pomeranians are highly social and they adore spending time with their family & other pets- trying to entertain all day long. Irresistibly fluffy, the Pomeranian is like a puppy sized portion of cotton candy!

What do you think the worlds cutest dog breeds are? What is the cutest dog you’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing your life & home with? Drop us a note in the comments! 

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