Custom Canine Sweaters

We know many Pet Parents like to dress up their furry companions for the holidays or special events. Some of us even like to do it- just because! Scooter and I will admit that we fall into this group, and he’s got a few cute pieces in his wardrobe. One thing he didn’t have, until now, was his very own dog sweater. If this is something your pups wardrobe is missing too, read on for a review of a great custom canine sweater!


We sent off Scooter’s measurements, and were sent a Bumble Bee sweater costume back to review. The sweaters are all hand made in Bulgaria(!), and you can just see and feel the love that is put into each and every piece. On the bumble bee sweater, both the antenna and wings are such sweet little touches that took this sweater over the top.

We think all their sweaters and costumes are just adorable, and this is a sweater that we’ll always treasure. It’s hand made and high quality. We’ve always had limited luck finding ‘on the rack’ apparel items for Scooter that actually fit him well. He’s only 4 pounds, but full of fluff, and finding something that accommodates both is difficult. The custom sweater fits him perfectly because it was literally made for him.


Even though these items are made to order, the turn around time is incredibly fast, often less than three days! Shipping is just $4.95 world wide too, and we’re not going to lie- it was really fun to get an international shipment. 🙂


The ordering process through A Dog Fashion couldn’t be easier!

Simply browse the website and find the sweater that you pup loves best, then bust out your measuring tape and get down to business. You’ll need to obtain three separate measurements from your dog, so they can create a custom sweater in just his size!


Length – From back of the neck to the base of tail

Chest – Circumference

Neck – Circumference


While we know that not every PetParent purchases outfits or apparel for their dogs, if you do, it’s never too early to consider your pups Halloween costume, or Christmas apparel either. A Dog Fashion has a range of cute and affordable options to perk up your pets holiday wear. Scooter says the zebra hoodie and penguin christmas sweater are on his short-list! 😉

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