Create a Pet Travel Bag

Summer is the season for travel! Our pets love spending time with us, so including them on the travel fun is a great bonding experience. Preparation is key to a pleasant trip, since it certainly helps to have the right stuff packed to ensure a smooth journey for all parties. Keeping a designated pet travel bag packed and ready to go makes preparing for your next road trip a breeze. Just grab and go!

Pack in your pets’ travel bag: 

  • Enough food for the duration of your trip, stored in a handy kibble bag
  • Food & water dishes
  • A bag of treats
  • A collar & tags + a leash (a backup is a great idea if you have room)
  • A few toys that smell of home- these pridebites toys are really pack-able!
  • A brush and nail clippers for grooming on the go
  • A gallon jug of water is a great addition if you’ve got room
  • Any medications your pet may be taking
  • Pick up bags on your pups leash or bag

If you’re thinking of traveling by plane this summer, be sure to check out our tips for flying with your pets.


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