What constitutes a Pet Health Emergency?

As a PetParent, we’re sure you’re familiar with the existence of The Emergency Vet. Weather or not you’ve ever had to make a visit is another story. For your sake, and that of your pets, we surely hope not! One thing that Emergency Vet Clinics often mention though, is the fact that some Pet Parents have trouble determining if their pets are experiencing a pet health emergency or not.

Signs & Symptoms of a Pet Medical Emergency:

  • struggled breathing
  • heavy bleeding
  • loss of consciousness
  • major trauma- fall, large wound, broken bone, collision
  • seizures
  • lameness
  • hives or severe itching
  • bloated abdomen
  • rapid heart beat or breathing

If you believe your pet is experiencing a health emergency, it’s important that you remain calm. Your calm demeanor will translate to your pet and help them keep calm as well. Remember that while in pain, our pets may bite or act defensively trying to prevent themselves from further injury.

PetParents should also be aware that Emergency Pet Hospitals do operate differently that a traditional vet office. They typically don’t provide routine type services like vaccines, wellness exams, etc. but instead exist for the sole purpose of providing emergency and specialty care. While every attempt is made to see patients in the order of their arrival, it should also be understood that some emergencies are still more severe than others and a critical case may take precedence if it arrives in the hospital.

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