How to Choose A Veterinarian

When it come to choosing a veterinarian for your pets, there are several factors to be considered. The location, veterinarians personalities, and procedures of the clinic should all be taken into account when making your decision. It may be necessary to visit several local veterinarians in order to find the right one for your furry family. Of course, all of these things should be figured out well in advance of ever needing to visit the vet with your pet for something serious, because the worst time to be searching for a veterinarian is when you’re in immediate need of one. A quick search on google will undoubtedly yield so many results for vet clinics that you may not even know where to begin. Here’s our best tips on how to choose a veterinarian that will fit all of your pet care needs:

Friendliness of Staff- do the staff seem both friendly and knowledgeable? This is a good indication that they receive continuing education after they’ve been employed at the clinic, and this can only benefit you and your pet.

Certifications– Your veterinary clinic should be certified by the American Veterinary Association (AVA), which demonstrates that they’re being held to higher standards of excellence in care.

Cleanliness of Clinic- Any great vet clinic should be impeccably clean. We understand that messes happen, but part of a good clinic routine is vast amounts of clean up. The floor should be swept and mopped often, exam rooms cleaned between appointments are all a good indication.

Location- While we don’t think that location should be a determining factor of your choice, it’s certainly something to consider. You want a location close enough to home that making it in for regular exams is a non-issue, and also so that if you ever had a pet health emergency you’re able to get there in time to avert a crisis.

Comfort Level of your Pet- remember that the relationship between your dog and your vet is essential. You not only need to see that your pet feels comfortable in the presence (and handling) of the vet. You should also feel that your vet has an invested interest in the health and well being of your dog. Your vet should be your dogs second best friend after all!

Affordability of Clinic – The prices charged for services and procedures varies greatly between veterinary clinics. Many clinics post their prices online which can give you a good idea if the clinic will be within your price range or not.

Word of Mouth- If you’re looking for a direct recommendation, ask the opinion of PetParents who you trust- friends with dogs, acquaintances from the dog park even and see which veterinarians they’re visiting with their pets. If these PetParents are raising their dogs in a way that is in accordance with your own beliefs, chances are you’ll like their veterinarian too.

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